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Crypto Hiring: McKinsey exec joins Ondo Finance

**Breaking News: Prominent McKinsey Executive Joins Ondo Finance**

In a significant move in the world of crypto finance, Ian De Bode, former head of digital assets at renowned consulting firm McKinsey & Company, has stepped into a new role at real-world asset startup Ondo Finance. De Bode will now serve as Ondo’s chief strategy officer, bringing his wealth of experience and expertise to the innovative company.

Ondo Finance, led by CEO Nathan Allman who previously worked at Goldman Sachs, has been making strategic hires from traditional finance institutions. De Bode’s arrival follows the recruitment of key personnel from prestigious companies like Goldman Sachs and BlackRock, further solidifying Ondo’s position in the industry.

In a post on LinkedIn, De Bode expressed his passion for digital assets and belief in the transformative power of a more accessible financial system led by digital assets. His departure from McKinsey signifies a shift towards a more hands-on role in advancing the crypto space, with Ondo being the platform to realize these aspirations.

CEO Nathan Allman commended De Bode’s exceptional track record and forward-thinking approach in on-chain finance, highlighting the synergy between De Bode’s expertise and Ondo’s vision for the future of digital assets. Ondo Finance specializes in the tokenization of real-world assets, offering innovative products like the USDY stablecoin backed by US Treasurys.

In related news, Canadian bitcoin mining company Bitfarms is on the lookout for a new CEO as L. Geoffrey Morphy prepares to depart, marking a transition period for the company amid growing investor interest in Bitcoin and mining activities worldwide.

As the crypto industry continues to evolve, other notable hiring news includes Sami Kassab joining OSS Capital, Tether establishing an AI division to drive innovation, and Marco Manoppo joining Primative Ventures, reflecting the dynamic and evolving nature of the digital asset sector.

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