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**TradingView Analysis: ETHUSDPERP Perpetual Mix Contract Trade**

TradingView provides traders with a platform to share trade ideas and strategies based on technical analysis. One such idea was posted regarding the ETHUSDPERP Perpetual Mix Contract. The post highlighted a potential SELL strategy for this contract based on certain technical indicators.

The trader mentioned that their previous idea was incorrect, but since the stop loss (SL) was nearby, it did not result in a major loss. They now see an opportunity to regain lost ground and initiate a new SELL position. The rationale behind this strategy includes the Relative Strength Index (RSI) being overbought and GANN analysis indicating steep movement.

The suggested strategy in the post is to enter a SELL position between $1,800-$1,820 and set a take profit level at $1,704. Additionally, the trader recommends setting a percentage-based stop loss for risk management purposes. They also prefer to execute the SELL orders in small increments.

It’s important to note that trading based on technical analysis and trading ideas carries inherent risks, and it’s essential for traders to conduct their own research and risk assessment before entering any positions.

If you are considering implementing this trade idea or any other strategy, it is advisable to carefully analyze the market conditions, set clear entry and exit points, and adhere to risk management practices to mitigate potential losses. TradingView can be a valuable resource for gaining insights and ideas, but ultimately, each trader is responsible for their own trading decisions and outcomes.