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New Swiss Crypto white-label ETP issuer successfully lists two strategies on Deutsche Boerse Xetra

A new Swiss crypto white-label ETP issuer, Issuance.Swiss AG, has made a significant move by successfully listing two strategies on the Deutsche Boerse Xetra electronic venue. This listing includes the CF Momentum crypto ETN (ISIN: CH1263519394 | WKN: A3G5R2 | Kürzel: CFMM) and the CF crypto Web 3.0 ETN (ISIN: CH1263519386 | WKN: A3G5R3 | Kürzel: CFB3) on the official market, marking a notable achievement for the issuer.

The CFMM is a multi-coin index ETN that offers investors diversified exposure to leading crypto projects through a strategy that combines price and on-chain momentum. This innovative product aims to provide a unique investment opportunity in the crypto asset class.

Similarly, the CFB3 is a multi-coin index ETN designed to capture the essence of the innovative Web 3.0 era, which represents the next evolution of the internet. This ETN offers comprehensive exposure to various facets of Web 3.0 innovation, including smart contract platforms, scaling solutions, and data management.

Bruce Jackson, Head of Digital Assets at APEX, expressed his enthusiasm for the increasing availability of crypto ETPs in Europe, emphasizing the positive impact on the market. APEX has been collaborating with Issuance.Swiss AG since 2023 and sees the listing on Deutsche Boerse Xetra as a significant step in making crypto exposure more accessible to investors through proven investment vehicles like ETNs.

Pavel Izmaylov, Director and part of the digital assets working group at APEX, highlighted the expansion of their products into the German market through the Xetra listing, offering institutional-grade crypto products to a broader European and international audience. This move is expected to streamline access to cryptocurrency exposure for a wider range of investors.

Issuance.Swiss AG’s listing on Deutsche Boerse Xetra adds to its existing success on the Swiss stock exchange and reaffirms its position as a leading player in regulated markets. With plans for further dual listings of crypto ETNs in the future, the company, led by veteran crypto ETP expert Laurent Kssis, aims to continue innovating in the crypto investment space and providing investors with diversified and sophisticated investment options.

Overall, the successful listing of these two strategies on Deutsche Boerse Xetra represents a significant milestone for Issuance.Swiss AG and signals a positive development in the accessibility of crypto investment opportunities in the European market.Title: APEX Group Collaborates with Issuance.Swiss AG to Enhance Transparency in Crypto Investments

The partnership between APEX Group Ltd. and Issuance.Swiss AG is set to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency investments. By listing fully-collateralized crypto Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs) on regulated stock exchanges, they aim to bring more transparency, protection, and integrity to investors.

Issuance.Swiss AG, based in Zug, Switzerland, is a dedicated Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) that offers a plug-and-play solution to admit financial products on regulated European stock markets. This allows them to bring both vanilla and complex digital asset strategies to the regulated market in the form of publicly listed ETPs. Through their streamlined process, clients can list their strategies within 8 weeks from engagement, enjoying a whitelabel revenue solution while the SPV takes care of operational burdens.

On the other hand, APEX Group Ltd., a global financial services provider established in Bermuda, brings over 13,000 employees globally to the table. Specializing in services for asset managers, financial institutions, private clients, and family offices, APEX Group offers a comprehensive range of services including fund administration, custody, and ESG ratings solutions.

The collaboration between Issuance.Swiss AG and APEX Group aims not only to provide innovative investment opportunities but also to drive positive change in the financial industry. With a focus on addressing key areas such as the environment, women’s empowerment, and education, both entities are committed to making a meaningful impact beyond just financial services.

Investors looking to explore these new opportunities in the cryptocurrency space can reach out to [email protected] or call +41 44 551 0052 for more information. It’s important to note that the securities offered by Issuance.Swiss AG have specific regulatory requirements, and investors are encouraged to conduct thorough research and seek advice from relevant professionals before making investment decisions.

By leveraging the expertise of Issuance.Swiss AG and the global reach of APEX Group, investors can navigate the complex world of crypto investments with more confidence and security. This collaboration sets a new standard for transparency and integrity in the cryptocurrency market, opening up exciting possibilities for both seasoned investors and newcomers alike.