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Solana Beach council receives update on Highway 101 pedestrian crossing project

**Improving Pedestrian Safety: Solana Beach Council Advances Highway 101 Crossing Project**

The Solana Beach City Council recently took steps to enhance pedestrian safety with a project aimed at improving a key crossing point on Highway 101 near the city’s border with Encinitas. The council members decided to move forward with an analysis of the pedestrian crossing, signaling a commitment to addressing traffic and safety concerns in the area.

To facilitate the project, the council approved an amendment to the contract with STC Traffic, allocating an additional $20,000 for traffic engineering services. This adjustment brings the total budget for the project to $45,000, drawn from the Traffic Safety Professional Services Budget Account for the 2023-24 school year.

The initiative to evaluate and potentially implement a pedestrian crossing has been part of the city’s agenda for several years. Last year, the city engaged STC Traffic for a preliminary design, which includes features such as a mid-block pedestrian crossing equipped with a rectangular rapid-flashing beacon and warning lights for traffic. Additionally, the project encompasses the extension of the Coastal Rail Trail and the introduction of new bike lanes, all aimed at enhancing connectivity and safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

One notable aspect of the proposed project is the reduction of lanes from two per direction to one. Despite this change, city officials indicate that traffic flow is not expected to be significantly impacted, with minimal delays anticipated for motorists at the pedestrian crossing point.

While the final cost of the project is still undetermined, the city staff plans to provide a comprehensive report to the City Council during the final design phase, outlining construction expenses and timelines. Moving forward, the city will engage with the California Coastal Commission to determine if a Coastal Development Permit is necessary, seek input from the Nature Collective Organization, and maintain collaboration with the city of Encinitas to ensure a coordinated approach.

Deputy Mayor Jewel Edson expressed confidence in the project, noting its alignment with the preferences of numerous residents who have advocated for improved pedestrian infrastructure in the area. The proactive stance taken by the Solana Beach City Council underscores a commitment to enhancing safety, accessibility, and connectivity for all community members.