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Gift Card Startup Secures Backing of Chinese Cryptocurrency Investor

**Gift Card Startup Zeex Secures Major Investment from Chinese Cryptocurrency Investor**

Zeex, an Israeli-based gift card startup, has received a significant backing from Chinese entrepreneur Sonic Zhang. Zhang has committed to investing $12 million worth of ether, which is equivalent to 25,000 ether tokens, in Zeex’s digital tokens.

The announcement of Sonic Zhang’s support for Zeex came on Wednesday, with the startup revealing that he would be an early participant in their upcoming cryptocurrency crowdsale. The funds raised from this crowdsale will be utilized by Zeex to further develop their technology, which aims to enable consumers to make purchases for everyday goods and services using cryptocurrency.

Zeex, which is a spinoff of Zeek Mobile Ltd, aims to bridge the gap between traditional retail and the growing cryptocurrency market. By offering a platform that allows users to seamlessly convert their cryptocurrency into digital gift cards that can be used at various retailers, Zeex is innovating the way people can utilize their digital assets in the real world.

Zhang’s investment highlights the growing interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology from the Chinese market. With his substantial financial backing, Zeex is well-positioned to continue its expansion and become a leading player in the integration of cryptocurrency into everyday transactions.

This partnership between Zeex and Sonic Zhang represents a significant milestone for the startup and showcases the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize the way people interact with digital currencies in a real-world setting.