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U.S. Federal Reserve Lists a CBDC as One of Its ‘Key Duties,’ Warns Pro-Crypto Congressman Tom Emmer

**The U.S. Federal Reserve Embraces the Concept of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)**

In a recent turn of events, the U.S. Federal Reserve has listed a central bank digital currency (CBDC) as one of its crucial responsibilities. This revelation came to light when House Majority Whip Tom Emmer, a prominent Republican from Minnesota, shared insights about a document he received from Fed officials titled “Key Duties of the Fed – Payment Systems.” Emmer highlighted the significance of this development, emphasizing that the Fed views a CBDC as a key duty and is actively pursuing this avenue.

Standing in contrast to this enthusiasm for a CBDC, Emmer, known for his pro-crypto stance, has expressed skepticism about central bank digital currencies in the past. He has raised concerns that digitized fiat currency could potentially be exploited as a tool for governmental surveillance of citizens’ financial activities. However, the Fed Chair Jerome Powell recently clarified during a congressional testimony that despite acknowledging the digital evolution of money, there are currently no plans to roll out a CBDC anytime soon.

Powell reassured Congress by stating that while money has indeed transitioned into digital form, the Fed is not considering implementing a CBDC in the immediate future. He emphasized the importance of digital money’s efficiency and accessibility for transactions while stressing that the Fed is staunchly against developing a CBDC that would infringe on individuals’ privacy by allowing the government to monitor their financial dealings, a practice notably observed in countries like China.

As the debate surrounding the potential introduction of a CBDC continues to evolve, it remains essential to closely follow the Federal Reserve’s stance on this matter. With ongoing technological advancements and the increasing digitization of financial systems, the concept of a central bank digital currency is likely to remain a topic of interest for policymakers, financial institutions, and the public at large.

For the latest updates and insights on this topic and more, stay connected with reputable sources and keep an eye on official statements from key stakeholders in the financial industry. The path towards a potential CBDC in the United States is a complex and multifaceted one, and understanding the implications and considerations involved is crucial for all those involved in the financial ecosystem.