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DEVCON: The Premier Event in the Crypto World Hosted in Bogota

DEVCON, the world’s most significant event in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector, has chosen Bogota as its host city for its sixth edition. This event gathers thousands of enthusiasts, users, and developers of the Ethereum ecosystem, which powers the cryptocurrency ‘ether’ (ETH). The Colombian capital is proving to be a hub of opportunities for investment and growth in the technology industry.

Bogota’s selection as the first Latin American city to host DEVCON signifies an imminent economic recovery in the meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE) sector. Isabella Muñoz, executive director of Invest in Bogota, highlights that the city is solidifying its position as the capital of entrepreneurship and IT industry development in Colombia, with a significant concentration of tech companies and talent.

The event aims to provide a comprehensive introduction for new Ethereum explorers and serve as a global gathering for existing members of the ecosystem to engage in ‘ETH’ trading and discussions. This recognition from Ethereum further cements Bogota’s status as a leader in hosting events and meetings post-pandemic.

Alfredo Bateman, Secretary of Economic Development, emphasizes the city’s dynamism in innovation and technological advancements, underscoring Bogota’s commitment to training and higher education in digital skills and programming. The city’s diversity and vibrancy create an ideal environment for the growth of new businesses and professional development opportunities.

To maximize the impact of DEVCON, the Secretary of Economic Development has launched the Hub Blockchain Bogota program. This initiative aims to benefit 200 companies in the city by enhancing their knowledge of business practices in Blockchain technology. Through this program, companies will have the opportunity to engage with government entities, organizations, and companies within the local, national, and Latin American Blockchain ecosystem.

As DEVCON kicks off in Bogota, it not only showcases the city’s prominence in the tech industry but also fosters valuable connections and growth opportunities for businesses within the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector.