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The Latest Tech News in Crypto and Blockchain

The latest tech news in the world of crypto and blockchain brings several exciting updates from various projects and protocols. Here’s a roundup of the latest developments:

1. Rarimo Introduces Freedom Tool
Rarimo has unveiled the Freedom Tool, an open-source software aimed at running anonymized elections and polls. Leveraging zero-knowledge and blockchain technology, the software enables citizens to verify their eligibility by scanning their biometric passports with their phones, thereby ensuring security and anonymity in the voting process.

2. Aave V3 Deployed on Scroll Mainnet
The Aave-Chan Initiative and Scroll have successfully deployed Aave V3 on the Scroll Mainnet, marking the first market on a ZK rollup. This deployment provides users with a secure, scalable, and user-friendly environment, and represents Aave DAO’s inaugural deployment to a zkEVM chain.

3. Lit Protocol Launches Litv0
Lit Protocol has launched Litv0, a significant advancement in the realm of creating, controlling, and managing secrets, keys, and private data. The protocol offers a native system for identity-based encryption, compute, and signing, bringing together various technologies for fault-tolerant key management and serverless functions.

4. Tezos Blockchain Activates Oxford 2 Upgrade
Tezos has activated its fifteenth upgrade, Oxford 2, introducing private smart rollups as a new security feature for developers. The upgrade also streamlines the staking process for validators and adjusts slashing penalties, setting the stage for the main net launch of Etherlink, an EVM-compatible Layer 2 built on Tezos.

5. Aptos Ecosystem Summit Highlights 32 Projects
The Aptos Ecosystem Summit showcased news and best practices across 32 projects, celebrating achievements and unveiling updates across 15+ countries. The event also facilitated in-depth discussions and support between ecosystem leaders and Aptos Foundation representatives.

6. dYdX Foundation Secures $30M from Community Treasury
Following a vote by the dYdX DAO, the dYdX Foundation has secured $30M in DYDX from the dYdX Chain Community Treasury, ensuring three more years of runway for executing its roadmap.

7. Web3 Foundation Funds Encryption to the Future Network
Web3 Foundation has provided funding support for Ideal Labs’ creation of the Encryption to the Future (ETF) network, which leverages a unique consensus mechanism focused on publicly variable on-chain randomness and timelock encryption.

8. Zeitgeist Integrates USDC via Cross-Consensus Messaging (XCM)
Zeitgeist, a decentralized prediction markets platform, has integrated USDC via Cross-Consensus Messaging (XCM), allowing for the seamless transfer of USDC from two projects within the Polkadot ecosystem, HydraDX and Moonbeam, into Zeitgeist.

The advancements in digital identity, blockchain scalability, security features, and ecosystem funding showcase the continued innovation and growth within the crypto and blockchain space, promising exciting developments for the future.Polygon Labs has recently announced the launch of a groundbreaking technological component called the “Type 1 prover,” designed to enable any network compatible with Ethereum’s EVM standard to function as a layer-2 network using zero-knowledge proofs. This development is a significant milestone for the Polygon blockchain, with the team claiming that it will empower auxiliary layer-2 networks to be nearly equivalent to the base blockchain. The release of the Type 1 prover represents a significant achievement, with even Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin endorsing its importance in the broader blockchain ecosystem.

In a similar vein, StarkWare, the developer behind the Starknet blockchain, has unveiled the “Cairo Verifier,” a key piece of technology that will facilitate the implementation of layer-3 application-based chains on Starknet. This advancement holds promise for expanding the capabilities of Starknet and enhancing the overall ecosystem.

In the security and analytics sector, FuzzLand, a Web3 security company, has successfully concluded a $3 million seed funding round led by 1kx, with participation from HashKey Capital, SNZ, and Panga Capital. The funding will support FuzzLand’s research and development efforts to create automated solutions for smart contract analysis using dynamic analysis and distributed computing software, with a focus on delivering advanced vulnerability detection and analytics capabilities.

Flood, a protocol for order routing, management, and settlement, has also made headlines with its $5.2 million seed funding round, co-led by Bain Capital Crypto and Archetype, and with participation from Robot Ventures. Flood’s suite of tools for decentralized application (dApp) developers offers new operational capabilities that aim to enhance the user experience and streamline transaction settlements within its ecosystem.

Notably, the Casper Association has introduced the “Peregrine” patch for the Casper Network, which includes a reduction of block times to 16 seconds, a 99% refund of unspent funds, and lower control flow opcode costs. These enhancements are aimed at reducing mint and transfer costs for contracts, demonstrating Casper Network’s commitment to continual evolution to meet the evolving demands of its users, partners, and supported projects.

In the realms of blockchain-focused accelerators and strategic investments, the TON Bootcamp, in collaboration with Hashkey, has accepted its first twelve projects, earmarking up to $500,000 for each team. This initiative reflects TON Foundation’s commitment to the APAC region and its efforts to leverage blockchain technology within Telegram’s Web3 ecosystem.

Dtravel, a peer-to-peer vacation rental ecosystem, has received strategic investment and backing from Borderless Capital to drive its growth and establish a leading position within the VR industry. This partnership aims to leverage Borderless’ expertise and networking opportunities to support Dtravel as it expands its ecosystem to engage travelers, operators, and TRVL token holders.

Furthermore, Cornucopias, a well-known massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), has expanded its reach to the Ethereum layer-2 network Base, following successful launches on Cardano and the BNB Smart Chain. This expansion will allow gamers within the Ethereum ecosystem to experience superior graphics and immersive gaming experiences, further enhancing Cornucopias’ appeal to a broader audience.

Lastly, Transak, a crypto on-ramp solution, has ventured into the APAC region by establishing a new entity in Hong Kong, following a successful Series A funding round led by CE Innovation Capital. The move reflects Transak’s commitment to integrating local payment methods and adhering to Hong Kong’s regulatory standards to support Web3 accessibility in the region.

These developments underscore the ongoing progress and innovation taking place across various segments of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, signaling a dynamic and evolving landscape that continues to attract investments, strategic partnerships, and technological advancements.