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Twitter lets you tip creators with Ethereum

Twitter’s latest move in the crypto space has opened up new payment options for its users. In addition to tipping with Bitcoin, the social media platform has now expanded its tipping options to allow creators to add their Ethereum address. This means that users can now tip their favorite creators with Ethereum, providing an alternative to Bitcoin for crypto enthusiasts.

The expansion also includes support for a trio of payment services: Barter, Paga, and Paytm. By adding support for these payment services, Twitter is making it more practical for digital creators to operate in certain countries where mobile payments are prevalent, such as India and Nigeria. This move not only expands the reach of tipping but also ensures that creators know their audiences can contribute, potentially broadening the opportunities for creators and their supporters alike.

To send tips, users can visit the Tips icon in a Twitter profile, while creators who are at least 18 years old can choose to edit their profile and enable tips to start receiving contributions from their followers.

While the addition of Ethereum tipping is significant for those who prefer this cryptocurrency, the inclusion of payment services like Barter, Paga, and Paytm is a crucial step toward inclusive digital support. These services enable more people to participate in tipping, and they also facilitate the ease of financial support for creators in regions where mobile payments are a dominant form of transaction.

Twitter has consistently shown a growing interest in the crypto space, and the latest move to enable Ethereum tipping, alongside support for additional payment services, reflects the platform’s commitment to providing diverse and convenient financial interactions for both creators and their supporters. As the use of cryptocurrencies and digital payments continues to expand, Twitter’s embrace of these technologies is likely to have a positive impact on the digital creator economy.