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Esha Gupta flaunts SEXY cleavage, hurts Hindu sentiments in her latest Instagram post

Esha Gupta Faces Backlash for Instagram Post Featuring Lord Shiva Devotional Song and Workout Video

Bollywood actress Esha Gupta recently found herself in the midst of controversy due to her latest Instagram post, which featured a workout video set to a devotional song dedicated to Lord Shiva. The post quickly caught the attention of internet users, particularly Lord Shiva devotees, sparking a wave of criticism and backlash.

In the video, Esha Gupta can be seen working out while wearing a crop top and shorts, accentuating her cleavage. The accompanying soundtrack was a devotional song, “Shiv Shiv,” by Rajan Mishra, which added fuel to the fire of the controversy. Many online users expressed their disapproval, criticizing Esha for using a bhajan in a context that was deemed inappropriate and disrespectful to the sentiments of Lord Shiva devotees.

The video quickly went viral, prompting a significant backlash on social media. Many users accused Esha of disrespecting religious sentiments and demanded that she remove the song from the video. The actress faced teasing and criticism from internet users who felt that her choice of song and the manner in which it was used in the video were in poor taste.

In response to the outrage, Esha Gupta has not yet issued a public statement regarding the controversy. However, the incident has raised important conversations about the appropriate use of religious and spiritual content in public platforms, especially in the context of popular media and entertainment.

This incident serves as a reminder of the potential impact and responsibility that public figures, including celebrities, have when sharing content that intersects with religious or cultural sensitivities. It also highlights the need for a thoughtful approach and sensitivity when incorporating religious elements into public presentations, particularly in a diverse and multicultural society like India.

As the controversy surrounding Esha Gupta’s Instagram post continues to unfold, it serves as a valuable opportunity for discussions around the boundaries of artistic expression, freedom of speech, and the respect for religious sentiments. It also underscores the power of social media in amplifying and shaping public discourse around these complex and nuanced issues.