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“Jan. 29 (PROTOCOL VILLAGE EXCLUSIVE): ZkLink Completes Successful $4.68M Community Token Sale on CoinList”

ZkLink, a multi-chain ZK Rollup and layer-3 protocol, has made significant strides in the crypto world with its successful completion of a $4.68 million sale on CoinList in its latest Community Token Sale. The sale saw the offering of 31,250,000 tokens, representing just over 3% of the total supply at a valuation of $150 million FDV.

This development marks an important milestone for ZkLink as it continues to position itself as a key player in the blockchain and crypto space. The protocol’s ability to attract significant investment reflects the growing interest and confidence in its technology and potential for disrupting the industry.

The announcement by ZkLink comes as part of Protocol Village’s regular feature in The Protocol newsletter, which explores the technology behind crypto. The platform provides updates on various projects and their advancements in the crypto and blockchain sphere, showcasing the innovation and progress in the industry.

The integration of Sui token on Banxa’s platform has also made waves in the crypto community. Sui, a layer-1 blockchain, has partnered with Banxa, a leading payments infrastructure provider, to enhance access to the Sui blockchain for users around the world. This collaboration aims to leverage Banxa’s global and local payment methods to facilitate transactions and increase the availability of SUI tokens through its fiat on-ramp and off-ramp solutions.

Another notable development is the integration of Centrifuge, a protocol for bringing real-world assets (RWAs) onchain, with the Celo blockchain through Axelar’s cross-chain interoperability project. This integration opens up new opportunities for introducing assets such as tokenized Treasury bills and carbon credit pools to the Celo ecosystem.

Additionally, Powerloom’s partnership with Polygon Network to launch a node mint and Chainlink’s mainnet beta release of Chainlink Functions on Arbitrum One further demonstrate the industry’s rapid progress and innovation.

The emergence of Colosseum as an independent hackathon operator, accelerator, and venture fund, along with the launch of DePINscan 1.0 powered by IoTeX, reflect the growing ecosystem of projects and initiatives in the blockchain space.

These developments underscore the dynamic nature of the crypto and blockchain industry, with advancements in technology, partnerships, and ecosystem expansion driving the evolution of the sector. As crypto and blockchain continue to gain momentum, the industry is set for further innovation and growth in the future.The digital asset and blockchain space has been buzzing with significant developments and announcements from several prominent players. One notable revelation is the launch of Blitzar, a technology created to enhance zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs in the Web3 community. This innovation is the result of a collaboration between Space and Time and NVIDIA, addressing the need for open-source GPU acceleration frameworks. A key component of this development is the introduction of Proof of SQL, which was launched in alpha in August. This initiative enables smart contracts to verify data inquiries across diverse sources, marking a fundamental advancement in the integration of SQL and blockchain technology.

Another noteworthy announcement comes from Aptos Foundation, which has entered into partnerships with leading data providers such as Dune, Nansen, SpaceX Time, Token Terminal, DappRadar, The Tie, Flipside Crypto, and Elliptic. The objective of these partnerships is to maximize the benefits of building on Aptos, offer comprehensive data integration services within the Aptos ecosystem, and facilitate the swift and secure integration of the Move on Aptos programming language. The collaborations also aim to simplify aspects ranging from data standardization to decentralized application (dApp) searchability, thereby fostering a more robust and user-friendly environment on Aptos.

VeChain, a prominent enterprise-grade Layer-1 public blockchain, has unveiled ‘Grant 2.0’, an upgrade to its existing developer grant program. This new iteration offers developers the opportunity to receive funding of up to $100,000, a substantial increase from the previous limit of $30,000. Additionally, Grant 2.0 includes provisions for new marketing and microgrants, as well as enhanced mentorship and support for sustainability grant recipients. The program is designed to incentivize the creation of sustainability-focused decentralized ecosystems, particularly in the form of “X-to-earn” applications, signaling VeChain’s commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability within its community.

In another development, Web3Intelligence, the developer of the Web3 investment app Dopamine, has successfully raised $4.5 million ahead of the launch of its native token, DOPE. The private funding round saw participation from influential entities such as DAO MAKER, Shima Capital, and, among others. DOPE is set to function as a utility token, providing access to Dopamine, which offers a gamified experience for decentralized finance (DeFi) investment.

These recent advancements in the blockchain and digital asset space underscore the growing momentum and innovation permeating the industry. From advancements in zero-knowledge proofs and smart contract verification to enhanced developer support and innovative funding mechanisms, these developments reflect the continuous evolution and maturation of the technology landscape. As these initiatives unfold, they are poised to have a meaningful impact on the broader blockchain and Web3 community, offering new opportunities and capabilities for developers, investors, and users alike.