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The festive knit you can buy with bitcoin


As the holiday season approaches, the infusion of cryptocurrencies into various aspects of life has become increasingly noticeable. Yet, even the most unlikely of festive traditions have not been immune to the influence of crypto trading. This year, a new Christmas jumper has hit the market, incorporating crypto-themed designs and allowing for purchase with digital currencies.

The jumper is a part of Notjust’s first recycled collection and features slogans such as HODL, FUD, and the logos of bitcoin (BTC-USD) and ethereum (ETH-USD), alongside festive detailing. The back of the jumper depicts Santa riding a topsy-turvy crypto graph, a nod to the popular crypto meme phrase “to the moon.” What sets this garment apart is that it is available for purchase using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash, DAI, and USDC, through Coinbase Commerce.

Matt Clarke, co-founder of Notjust, commented on the jumper’s success, stating that it has been selling well in Switzerland, the UK, and the US. Additionally, the company is planning to release a pair of bitcoin-themed socks in the near future.

Notjust, a registered social enterprise based in London, has a history of supporting charitable causes. Since its establishment in 2017, the brand’s campaigns have raised over £70,000 ($93,000) for charities including Save the Children, Kicking Off, and The Trussell Trust.

In a statement, Matt Clarke emphasized the integration of crypto into our culture, noting that whether one loves or hates it, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. He encouraged embracing the trend and expressing it proudly with this limited edition festive knit this Christmas.

The introduction of a crypto-themed Christmas jumper not only reflects the growing influence of digital currencies but also underscores their impact on consumer culture. As cryptocurrencies continue to gain traction, their presence is being felt in diverse spheres, including fashion and festive traditions.

Notjust’s foray into the world of cryptocurrency payments for their festive merchandise reflects the evolving landscape of retail and the broader acceptance of digital currencies as a legitimate form of payment. This move may pave the way for other retailers to explore similar payment options, further integrating cryptocurrencies into mainstream consumer transactions.

As the holiday season approaches, the emergence of the crypto-themed Christmas jumper represents a unique convergence of finance, fashion, and festive spirit, underscoring the increasingly intertwined nature of digital currencies with everyday life.

In the spirit of embracing innovation, Notjust has woven together tradition and technology, offering a unique and timely garment that captures the essence of the holiday season while embracing the digital revolution.

The introduction of the crypto-themed Christmas jumper may mark the beginning of a new trend in holiday fashion and retail, heralding an era where cryptocurrencies and traditional festivities converge in unexpected and delightful ways.