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Solana shakes off early week decline with these moves

**Solana Shakes off Early Week Decline with Notable Recovery Efforts**

Solana [SOL], a cryptocurrency on the rise, has bounced back from a weak start to the week with significant recovery attempts. The digital asset, a major player in the crypto market, faced a series of declines at the end of the past week, which extended into the beginning of the current week. Despite the downward trend, efforts appear to have been made to initiate a recovery during this week.

A review of the Solana price trend showed a significant drop at the beginning of the week on January 22, with a nearly 8% decrease. This decline marked the culmination of successive drops that SOL had been experiencing since January 18. However, the cryptocurrency made substantial efforts to initiate a recovery, which showed signs of progress in recent days.

The chart indicated that Solana had more uptrends, reaching its highest point on January 26. By the end of trading on January 26, Solana had increased by over 6%, trading above $92. However, at the time of this writing, the uptrend had paused, with a slight decline observed, and SOL was trading at around $91.8.

Furthermore, the recent days of uptrends have positively impacted Solana’s Relative Strength Index (RSI), positioning it on the neutral line as of the current analysis. This suggests that the bear trend is weakening as the price undergoes a recovery, a hopeful indicator for traders and investors.

Despite the recovery attempts, SOL traders remain cautious as the price is yet to stabilize. An examination of the Solana funding rate on Coinglass indicates a lack of significant movement in the past few days. The funding rate has consistently remained positive, implying that buyers continue to dominate, albeit with a less aggressive stance.

Additionally, a review of the Open Interest reveals a similar lack of substantial movement, with the Open Interest recorded at around $1.2 billion, suggesting a relatively stable situation in this aspect of the market. It is clear that traders are holding onto their cards closely, exercising caution in response to the current market conditions.

On the bright side, the Solana network and its token have garnered attention, particularly due to their performance in the NFT space. Solana secured the third-highest NFT sales volume on Crypto Slam, indicating a robust presence in the NFT market. In the last 24 hours, its sales volume was over 6 million, and over the past seven days, Solana positioned itself at the third-highest volume, reaching almost $52 million.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to fluctuate, the recovery efforts by Solana are closely watched by investors and traders alike. The recent uptrends and positive NFT performance are positioning Solana as a key player to monitor in the digital asset landscape.

It’s essential for market participants to stay updated on the latest developments and trends in the crypto space to make informed decisions for their portfolios. The recovery attempts by SOL demonstrate the resilience of the cryptocurrency and its potential for growth in the evolving market environment.