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Sysorex Inc (OTCMKTS: SYSX) Bull Run on Ethereum Miner Set to Own $70 Million Stake in Government Backed Ostendo Technologies, Inc.

Sysorex Inc (OTCMKTS: SYSX), a company that develops and invests in technology that addresses the global plastic waste crisis, has been making significant strides in the industry. Led by Dan Bates, the company’s goal is to confront the global plastic waste crisis by diverting millions of tons of waste plastic from landfills, incineration, and oceans. Its subsidiary, Clean Seas, has developed the Plastic Conversion Network (PCN), a groundbreaking technology that converts plastic feedstock into clean fuels and green hydrogen, significantly reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering the carbon footprint.

Clean Seas has operational PCN facilities in Morocco and India, with additional conversion facilities in development across West Virginia, Arizona, and Southeast Asia. The company has secured long-term feedstock supply agreements exceeding one million tons of waste plastic annually at no cost, and has trademarked its brand, AquaH®, which offers a differentiated green hydrogen product from carbon-neutral sources.

In West Virginia, Clean Seas has announced a $65 million investment in a plastic conversion facility with a plan to turn 100 tons of plastic every day into recycled plastics and clean fuels. The project is expected to create over 200 jobs initially, with a goal to scale up to 500 tons of plastic per day over time. The state has shown its support for the project with over $12 million in incentives, and Governor Jim Justice has referenced Clean Seas in his state of the union address.

Clean Seas has also expanded its global operations, planning to launch waste plastic conversion facilities in the European Union, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia through its subsidiary, Clean-Seas Partners UK Limited (CS-UK). CS-UK aims to promote sustainability and environmental stewardship across diverse regions and has assembled a distinguished board with internationally recognized figures in banking, sustainability, and energy.

Furthermore, Clean Vision Corporation has announced a partnership with global advisory firm Grant Thornton to issue up to $340 million in Green Bonds. The funds will be used to expand Clean Seas’ Plastic Conversion Network (PCN) under the “Clean-Seas” initiative, with the aim of combatting plastic pollution on a global scale.

These developments highlight Sysorex Inc’s commitment to addressing the plastic waste crisis and its efforts to create sustainable solutions through innovative technology and strategic partnerships. As the company continues to grow and expand its operations, it is well positioned to make a significant impact in combating plastic pollution and promoting environmental sustainability.Clean Vision Corporation (CLNV) is making groundbreaking moves in the global battle against plastic waste, an escalating environmental concern. The company, valued at just $22.65 million, has exhibited remarkable progress, spearheading innovative initiatives and securing significant investments to fuel their missions.

One of the key strategic advancements is the establishment of a $65 million plastic conversion facility in West Virginia, demonstrating their commitment to combatting plastic pollution within the US. Additionally, by venturing into global expansion through Clean-Seas Partners UK Limited, CLNV is positioning itself to address the plastic waste crisis on a broader scale, including in Southeast Asia and Morocco.

Moreover, the company’s recent accomplishment of a $340 million Green Bond Offering signifies its commitment to sustainability and will likely attract environmentally conscious investors. This move is not only financially strategic but also sets a new standard for corporate responsibility in the industry.

Notably, under the management of Huntington Bank, CLNV has secured a noteworthy $15 million government loan, which is forgivable. This sets the company apart, as forgivable loans are typically utilized as incentives for activities contributing to economic growth or community welfare. The fact that the loan will not result in any dilution for shareholders is particularly remarkable, especially for an over-the-counter (OTC) company.

The opportunities in the market for CLNV are substantial, with the company tapping into a $1.4 trillion market. However, while the current indicators are positive, it’s important to acknowledge that there is still significant work ahead for the company. Consistent execution will be crucial in turning this potential into reality.

In conclusion, CLNV has made startling advancements in addressing the global plastic waste crisis, unfolding impressive achievements despite its modest valuation. This highlights the company’s potential to make a tangible impact on the environment and the economy. It will be essential to monitor CLNV’s progress, as the company navigates the challenges of realizing its ambitious goals.

As always, it is crucial for investors to conduct thorough research, make their own investment decisions, or seek guidance from financial advisors. While this article serves to inform and educate, it does not provide specific investment advice or recommendations. Nonetheless, the strides made by CLNV in the realm of environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility are undeniably noteworthy and worth keeping an eye on.

Image credit: pasja1000 from Pixabay