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Pantera Capital says this crypto rally will be different. Here’s why – DL News

The crypto market has been experiencing a cooling-off period following the launch of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds earlier this month, causing Bitcoin and Ethereum to slump in value. However, according to analysts at Pantera Capital, this dip in the market doesn’t signal the end of the crypto rally. In fact, Pantera Capital’s managing partner, Paul Veradittakit, believes that the current downturn is different from previous bear markets and presents a resilient foundation for the crypto industry.

Veradittakit points out that the current rally is not driven solely by speculation, as was the case in 2017. He notes that the 2022 downturn was not a result of an existential crisis for crypto but rather due to leverage and bad actors in the market. Despite the recent market challenges, Veradittakit highlights the strong comeback of projects that were previously affected and cites Solana as an example, with a significant surge in value since December 2022.

Looking ahead, the report from Pantera Capital also outlines several key developments that are expected to shape the crypto industry in 2024. These include the fourth halving of Bitcoin, which historically has preceded significant market rallies. Additionally, the report anticipates a rise in Bitcoin’s DeFi activity, with the potential for its DeFi value to catch up to that of Ethereum.

Moreover, Pantera Capital predicts an increase in Bitcoin NFT activity, as well as the convergence of traditional finance and crypto technology. Veradittakit highlights the growth of zero-knowledge technology and its potential applications in modular blockchains and decentralized IDs.

Despite the recent market downturn, the outlook from Pantera Capital remains optimistic about the future of the crypto industry. The report suggests that the current market challenges have not derailed the overall trajectory of the industry and that several upcoming developments and trends could contribute to a resurgence in the market.

As the crypto market continues to evolve, the insights and predictions from Pantera Capital provide valuable perspectives for investors and enthusiasts. It’s important to monitor these developments and trends closely as they unfold throughout the year to gain a comprehensive understanding of the crypto market outlook.

In conclusion, while the recent market performance may have raised concerns, Pantera Capital’s analysis suggests that the crypto rally is far from over, with various fundamental factors and upcoming developments expected to drive the industry forward in 2024.