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Metamask got an improved NFT tab with favourites and additional safety adjustments

The latest update to version 2.4.0 of MetaMask introduced an improved NFT tab, complete with new features, a sleeker layout, and enhanced safety adjustments.

Formerly known as the Collectibles tab, it’s now renamed as the NFT tab and is specifically designed for browsing NFTs in a more convenient manner. The new grid layout makes it easier to view and interact with NFTs, and the updated details view now presents NFTs in full size by default. The expandable bottom slider contains all the necessary details, and it now includes Share and Favorite buttons. Once an NFT has been added to your favorites, it will appear in a separate row dedicated to favorites on the NFT grid.

To experience these changes, follow the steps below:

1. Ensure that you have an NFT in your MetaMask wallet.
2. Tap on the NFT tab in the main view.
3. Select an NFT from the grid.
4. Swipe up on the bottom slider.
5. Tap on the Star icon to mark it as a favorite.

The update also brings additional safety measures, such as renaming “Seedphrase” to “Secret Recovery Phrase” in English with translations to other languages on the way. Furthermore, users will now receive a warning if the address to which they are sending tokens is an ENS name with confusable characters. Additionally, users can now conduct more swaps on Binance Smart Chain, along with custom network UX improvements.

If you want to explore this update, you can access the MetaMask app on the Google Play Store. Furthermore, for a Soviet-era gold coin, here’s a link to a Rarible auction for reference. [Rarible Auction]( The NFT wallet app can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Overall, the latest MetaMask update introduces a more delightful NFT experience along with enhanced safety features, making it easier for users to detect, add, and view their NFTs securely and conveniently.