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Church Allegedly Issued Crypto Token Backed by Nothing But God’s Word

The alleged scandal involving a Colorado pastor and his wife has prompted widespread concern and regulatory action. The couple is accused of orchestrating a scheme to defraud investors through the sale of a crypto token called INDXcoin, purportedly backed by an index of cryptocurrencies and supported by significant assets. However, according to legal filings from the Colorado Securities Commissioner, the token was effectively backed by nothing more than the couple’s assertion that it was guaranteed by God.

The pastor and his wife reportedly marketed the INDXcoin to the devout Christian community, leveraging their faith to attract investors. They insisted that it was a utility coin, not subject to securities regulations, despite contrary assessments from experts. Additionally, they allegedly controlled the platform through which the token could be exchanged for USD, and frequently shut it down to prevent a bank run when investors grew concerned about the lack of returns.

Furthermore, the legal filings reveal that the couple purportedly advised investors to hold onto their INDXcoins, claiming that God had assured them of its future success. When investor doubts arose and some sought to cash out, the pastor allegedly exhorted them to remain invested and not ask questions, citing divine guidance.

The allegations suggest that the couple misappropriated a substantial portion of the funds raised, indulging in luxury expenses, cosmetic dentistry, vacations, and other non-essential purchases. The pastor’s statement in response to the charges indicated that a portion of the funds went towards tax obligations and home renovations, purportedly at the behest of God.

The gravity of the situation has led to a legal showdown, with the Colorado Securities Commissioner seeking a preliminary injunction against the couple. The ensuing hearing will likely delve into the nuances of securities laws and whether the couple’s claims of divine guidance for their actions hold any validity.

It is important to note that Decrypt reached out to the implicated parties for comment but did not receive an immediate response. Additionally, a video posted to the INDXcoin community site featured the pastor addressing the allegations publicly for the first time, but details of this response were not provided.

This case underscores the potential risks associated with investments in the crypto space, especially when individuals and organizations employ religious or spiritual rhetoric to solicit funds. Investors must exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence before committing their resources to such endeavors. The outcomes of regulatory actions against the couple will likely have broader implications for the intersection of cryptocurrencies, faith-based appeals, and securities regulations.