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Solana Shooter ‘Nyan Heroes’ Reveals NYN Airdrop Plans

The Solana-based hero shooter game “Nyan Heroes” has recently unveiled plans for an airdrop campaign tied to its early access release on the Epic Games Store. This initiative will allow players to earn token rewards as the game rolls out, with an early access playtest set to launch in February. The play-to-airdrop campaign will reward players with NYN, the game’s native ecosystem token. Additionally, NFT owners of Nyan Heroes will be eligible for extra airdrop rewards.

Developer 9 Lives Interactive has announced various launch activities, including Genesis NFT rewards, to engage a wider audience of players and potentially provide them with additional airdrop benefits. NYN is described as the Solana game’s governance token and ecosystem token for value accrual, with a fixed supply enabling a deflationary model through planned token buybacks over time.

The airdrop campaign is scheduled to extend into March, encompassing early access playtests and related activities. “Nyan Heroes” stands out as a hero shooter featuring cat characters piloting giant mech suits and is often compared to popular online games like Overwatch. However, it was initially described as a battle royale shooter, similar to Fortnite and Apex Legends, before shifting gears during development.

In unfortunate events, the game’s Discord server was targeted by an attack, resulting in a hacker seizing control and distributing malicious links that could steal NFTs and other assets from connected user wallets. 9 Lives Interactive has assured users that those who lost Nyan Heroes NFTs will be compensated from the team’s reserves, pending on-chain verification of previous ownership.

Max Fu, the founder of Nyan Heroes, revealed that the attack was likely a carefully planned operation, possibly driven by the upcoming catalysts on their roadmap. Following the security breach on their Discord server, the team has taken measures to ensure the safety of their internal files and data. This incident has led them to collaborate with an external security auditor to fortify their defenses and safeguard user integrity.

The community eagerly looks forward to the release of the game despite the security breach, and the team continues to work diligently to ensure a smooth early access playtest and a successful airdrop campaign.

This article was edited by Ryan Ozawa.