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GameStop axes NFT marketplace, citing regulatory uncertainty

GameStop made headlines recently with the announcement of the closure of its NFT marketplace. The company cited “the continuing regulatory uncertainty of the crypto space” as the primary reason behind this decision. This move comes after GameStop’s decision to halt its crypto wallet service last August.

The NFT marketplace was launched on Halloween of 2022, focusing on gaming assets in partnership with ImmutableX, an Ethereum layer 2 blockchain. However, the marketplace failed to gain traction, as evidenced by its low NFT trading volumes and inactive social media accounts.

GameStop’s foray into Web3 and the crypto space was an attempt to engage its retail trader fan base, but the closure of its NFT marketplace and the earlier decision to axe its crypto wallet service indicate a significant shift in strategy.

The closure message on the website assures customers that they will be able to sell their NFTs on other marketplaces, as the digital assets are hosted on the blockchain rather than any one storefront.

This move reflects the challenges and uncertainties faced by companies venturing into the crypto and NFT space. With the regulatory landscape still evolving, businesses are treading cautiously to avoid potential legal issues and other regulatory hurdles.

As of this writing, GameStop had not responded to a request for comment from The Block, an independent media outlet that delivers news, research, and data.

It will be interesting to see how GameStop and other companies navigate the evolving regulatory landscape in the crypto space and whether they will re-evaluate their strategies in the future.

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