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Introducing Venidium: The EVM Layer 1 Blockchain Solution Revolutionizing Crypto Gaming Exposure

Venidium helps bring blockchain games out of obscurity and into the spotlight with unprecedented access to Asia’s largest media network.

Is your blockchain game languishing in the shadows despite your best efforts? Is it an issue of discoverability, or is your audience just not interested? Before you start questioning the quality of your game, consider if you are on the right platform. Enter Venidium, the energy-efficient EVM Layer 1 blockchain solution that is more than just a platform—it’s a stepping-stone to success.

Venidium operates using a mere six lightbulbs’ worth of energy (126 Watts), but its true power lies in its potential to shine a light on your project. We are a facilitator, dedicated to turning your crypto game from obscure to mainstream.

By choosing to build on, or migrate to Venidium, you’ll be tapping into the largest media network in Asia, thanks to our strategic alliance with One Digital Entertainment. This partnership translates into unprecedented exposure for your game, providing you with:

  • Access to 1.8 billion followers
  • 20 billion monthly impressions
  • A network of 4 million influencers

Imagine turning even just 0.01% of that enormous pool into users for your game—that’s an impressive 180,000 potential users. The challenge then lies in retaining these users, a task made significantly easier with Venidium as your platform.

Venidium’s mission is to ensure that your blockchain game isn’t predestined for obscurity, but for success. Is it bad marketing or a bad game? Or is it simply that you’ve been missing the right platform all along?

For crypto game owners who are confident in their creation but struggling with reach, Venidium presents the perfect solution. We’re here to support your vision and bring your masterpiece the exposure it deserves.