Namebase Announces Exciting Updates: Easier HNS Withdrawals, Revamped Auctions Page, and Improved Domain Transfers

In a much-anticipated announcement, Namebase HQ has finally unveiled a series of updates aimed at improving the user experience for its customers. Among the most significant changes are the ability for US citizens to freely withdraw their Handshake (HNS) coins and a fully revamped Auctions page.

The long-awaited update allows US citizens, who have completed KYC verification, to freely withdraw their HNS coins to any external wallet, except for those residing in New York. This new feature aims to make the process of sending HNS coins fast and easy, just as it should be.

In addition to the HNS withdrawal changes, Namebase has also launched a fully revamped Auctions page. This redesigned page includes helpful filters and full-text searching capabilities, making it easier than ever for users to find and win their favorite domain names. Users are encouraged to check out the hottest auctions this week and get in on the action today.

Recognizing that the domain name transfer process has been a significant pain point for its users, Namebase has also announced that they are working on a series of improvements to streamline the experience. They are developing a new Transfers dashboard within user accounts, which will provide full transparency on the transfer process, allowing customers to track their domain transfers with ease.

These updates from Namebase HQ demonstrate their commitment to making the platform more user-friendly and efficient for its customers. The new features are expected to significantly improve the overall experience, making it more accessible and enjoyable for users to participate in the Handshake ecosystem.