Namebase Introduces the Registry Manager, Streamlining Domain Management

The new Registry Manager simplifies the process of managing, transferring, and monetizing Handshake domains.

Namebase, the leading Handshake-compatible platform, has announced the launch of its innovative Registry Manager, a game-changing tool designed to streamline the process of managing, transferring, and monetizing Handshake domains.

As the Handshake ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, Namebase has identified the need for an efficient, user-friendly solution for domain management. The Registry Manager aims to simplify the entire process, allowing users to manage their Handshake domains with ease and efficiency.

Key Features of the Registry Manager:

  1. User-Friendly Domain Management The Registry Manager offers a comprehensive dashboard that provides users with a clear overview of their Handshake domains. Users can easily manage their domains, update records, and monitor their performance, all within a single platform.
  2. Hassle-Free Transfers The Registry Manager simplifies the domain transfer process by automating crucial steps and minimizing manual intervention. The platform ensures that users can transfer their domains securely and without any complications.
  3. Monetization Opportunities With the Registry Manager, users can now monetize their Handshake domains by utilizing the built-in marketplace. This feature enables users to set their desired prices and list their domains for sale, creating a convenient and efficient way for domain owners to profit from their assets.
  4. Enhanced Security Namebase has implemented advanced security measures within the Registry Manager, ensuring that users’ domains remain safe and secure. This includes two-factor authentication, encryption of sensitive data, and regular security audits.
  5. Comprehensive Support Namebase offers a dedicated support team for the Registry Manager, providing users with the assistance and guidance they need to make the most of this powerful tool.

In a statement, Namebase CEO Tieshun Roquerre said, “We are thrilled to introduce the Registry Manager to the Handshake community. This tool not only simplifies domain management but also opens up new opportunities for Handshake domain owners. Our mission is to empower our users and drive the growth of the Handshake ecosystem, and we believe that the Registry Manager will play a crucial role in achieving that goal.”

The launch of the Registry Manager demonstrates Namebase’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. As the Handshake ecosystem expands, Namebase aims to stay at the forefront by offering cutting-edge tools and solutions that cater to the needs of its growing user base.