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Dione and CroSwap Join Forces: ERC20 Token Listing and Cross-Chain Integration!

Dione is proud to announce our partnership with CroSwap (a leading crypto-decentralized exchange) This partnership comes ahead of Dione’s cross-chain expansion, which will allow the Dione Network to bridge to its own L1.

The Dione/ETH partnership will see the Dione/ETH pairing listed on the CroSwap DEX. This makes Dione one the first ERC20 tokens listed on the exchange. This milestone is significant for both Dione & CroSwap as it marks the start of a long-term strategic alliance between the two entities.

CroSwap uses blockchain technology to facilitate fast, efficient, and secure trading. It offers traders a simple interface that allows them to trade cryptocurrency without worrying about complicated centralized exchanges.

Users will now be able seamlessly trade Dione tokens with the CroSwap platform by adding Dione. Users will be able trade Dione tokens instantly after listing.

CroSwap plans to integrate the Dione Network in its platform as the Dione Network expands, bridges to its L1, and other features. This will allow users trade Dione tokens across multiple chains. It will also increase liquidity and accessibility to the Dione Network.

The partnership between Dione & CroSwap is a major milestone for both entities. It marks the beginning of long-term strategic partnerships that will support both companies in achieving their goals. Trades can now expect exciting new opportunities to trade Dione tokens via the CroSwap Decentralized Exchange.