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Get Inspired with Positivity and Unity: Join Handycon 2023 for the Latest Blockchain Insights

Handycon 2023 will be held from March 8-10, 2023. This popular conference is for both blockchain developers and handshake enthusiasts. The theme for this year’s event is “It is easy to be negative in today’s market – that is why we must challenge our primitive monkey minds to not be overtaken and be a positive, a positive light for each and every one in the community to get through this, together.”

This conference will inspire both the Handshake community, and all those involved in blockchain to persevere through difficult times such as a bear market. The organizers believe that it is vital to stay connected and united across the space, not just in the Handshake community.

A variety of speakers will be addressing the audience over three days. These experts will include Handshake technology, blockchain development and navigating current market cycles. The event will provide valuable insight into the future of blockchain technology and allow attendees to network with others who share similar interests.

Handycon 2023 is a virtual conference. Participants can register by visiting the event’s website. A detailed schedule has been provided by the organizers, which can also be accessed via the Google Sheets link on the website.

Handycon 2023 promises an exciting conference with lots of information. It will be a great opportunity to get the tools and inspiration you need to help you navigate the current market cycle with positivity, unity and ease. This event is focused on staying connected and hopeful and aims to foster a strong, supportive community of Blockchain enthusiasts who can maximize this market cycle and reach new heights.