Google Cloud Operator Joins Tezos Network as Validator for Web3 Applications

Google Cloud announced that it has become a validator on Tezos’ blockchain network by integrating with it. This announcement comes after Google Cloud launched a node hosting service for Ethereum projects in Oct and was soon validated on Solana.

Google Cloud’s corporate customers are now able to deploy Tezos nosdes. These computers run blockchain software and can store the history of transactions. This integration will enable customers to build Web3 apps on the Tezos Network.

This integration is a reflection of the increasing interest tech giants have in blockchain and Web3 project development. It could also encourage confidence in other firms looking to enter the industry with the knowledge that they can use the same infrastructure as Google.

Google Cloud previously highlighted the connection between malicious actors mining cryptocurrency and hacked accounts. This shows that the company is aware of the security risks in the digital asset sector.

Tezos is an open-source blockchain platform that allows for quick upgrades and governance changes. It is ideal for Web3 applications that use smart contracts and decentralized governance.

Another example of blockchain technology becoming mainstream is Google Cloud’s integration to Tezos. It is possible that blockchain technology will continue to evolve and innovate as more tech companies get involved in projects.

Tezos and Google Cloud are positive developments for the Web3 industry. This increased interest by tech giants Google can only draw more attention to the sector and increase investment. It will also pave the path for mainstream adoption.