Galois Shuts Down Flagship Fund: A Message of Gratitude and Resilience

Galois’ founder expressed gratitude to everyone who supported them in the wake of their flagship fund being shut down. Despite losing nearly half their assets to the FTX catastrophe and then selling the claim at cents per dollar, Galois is one the few firms that can still boast a positive inception-to date performance as they close down their doors.

The founder of Galois expressed his pride in the Galois team’s work over the last few years. He acknowledged that while this period may have ended in disappointment, it did not mean that their hard work was wasted. The founder spoke about his faith in the longevity of the cryptocurrency industry and encouraged readers to keep their feet on the ground and believe in the future.

While the founder could not give details about the company’s future plans for the company, he did promise that there would be more. We can reflect on the important contributions that Galois has made to the cryptocurrency sector as we close this chapter. The Galois team has been a great team throughout their journey, from developing innovative solutions to dealing with unprecedented challenges to showing incredible resilience and dedication.

Galois’s setback is a part of the ongoing evolution of the cryptocurrency world. As this founder proved, it is possible to weather these storms and still have a positive outlook. We wish the Galois Team all the best for their future endeavors and we are grateful to them for their hardwork and contributions to the industry.