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Unleash the Power of Decentralized Data Storage with BNB Greenfield: A New Era in Web3

BNB Chain is proud announce its latest innovation in Web3 data usage and ownership: the BNB Greenfield whitepaper. This new standard represents a significant shift in how data is structured and used in the Web3 era.

BNB Greenfield’s heart is a trinity of people who work together to create a decentralized storage system that is user-centric. The three-member trinity is:

  1. BNB Greenfield Blockchain + Storage Providers
  2. BNB Greenfield dApps.
  3. Existing BNB Chain dApps.

Upload your data to the BNB Greenfield blockchain with unique access permissions. These data are stored off-chain by storage service providers that provide backup and redundancy. The BNB Greenfield Blockchain stores metadata about the users’ BNB ledger. BNB Greenfield is connected to BNB Smart Chain by means of a native programming layer. This allows new and existing dApps alike to access the huge amounts of data stored on this network.

BNB Greenfield offers a wide range of Web3 data usage options, including personal cloud storage and website hosting and deployment. It also supports new social media models and the storage and retrieval of Terabytes from L2 Rollup Transactions and BNB Smart Chain. There are many possibilities.

BlockdaemonHQ and are collaborating with the BNB Chain development team to launch and build the BNB Greenfield testnet over the next few months. This whitepaper on BNB Greenfield is only one step on a journey toward greater data independence and ownership and more opportunity for users, builders and the Web3 community.