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Lightning Network Goes Live with Clover POS: Cheaper, Faster, and More Inclusive Payments for Merchants

Clover is a global leader in fintech, payments and blockchain technology. Lightning is now available. Strike, a Fiserv-integrated partner, has launched a public pilot that uses Clover point–of-sale terminals. Clover merchants will now be able accept Lightning payments at lower rates and in cash-final USD.

Clover merchants have now access to Lightning, an open and flexible payment network that is fast, affordable, inclusive, and innovative. Any merchant that is enabled can accept any service from Cash App to Node over Tor. Any service can be used for checkout. The pilot period will be for 90 days. This period will allow merchants to compare settlement speed and costs with other networks.

After the pilot, Lightning will be made available in Clover App Store. Lightning, once integrated into Clover will be available as a default payment network for all Clover merchants.

Lightning payments can be enabled by Clover merchants today. [email protected]. This integration allows payments giants to see Lightning’s benefits live. Lightning is the most popular payments rail in the entire world.

Lightning’s Demo was given by The Brewer’s Kettle merchant. If you’re a fan of bitcoin Show The Brewer’s Kettle that you love Lightning, Beer, and Everything In Between!