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Aptos: The Rise of a New Decentralized Network with a $2 Billion Market Valuation

Aptos is a decentralized network which debuted in October 2022. This has caused a lot of buzz in the crypto market. Aptos is the 35th-most valuable network in crypto, with a current market value exceeding $2 billion. Recent price increases have been caused by PancakeSwap’s recent vote to keep its Aptos blockchain deployment going. PancakeSwap currently holds the lead DEX on Aptos. It has $32.2 million of total value locked (TVL), which is 58.5%, and it is the largest DEX. According to DefiLlama the current total value on Aptos stands at $55.1million.

The inclusion of the ATP token within the Atomic Wallet (a non-custodial multichain cryptocurrency wallet) has also contributed to the recent price rise. The ATP token’s value has also been influenced by rising demand for Aptos non-fungible token collections (NFT). Aptos’ price has risen by 39.48% over the past 24 hours. It is currently ranked #25 in CoinMarketCap.

Aptos follows a similar pattern, according to some. Solana Another decentralized network was also released at the time. Solana was released on a lower crypto market than today. These performances are intended to place Solana among the top cryptocurrencies, and to give developers the impression that they have a top blockchain. This will help attract developers to the ecosystem and make it more attractive to them.