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Opacity’s $OPCT Token: The Key to Secure and Private Cloud Storage with a Potential 39x Increase in Value

Opacity is a cloud service provider that values privacy. Private cloud storage can only be accessed with a unique key by the buyer of Opacity. The Opacity token (also known as OPCT) is used to make this possible. It can be bought on a crypto exchange, and used to buy data storage plans.

Opacity does not store personal information about its users and therefore is different to other cloud storage companies. This gives individuals, small businesses and enterprises the ability to store private information like company secrets, intellectual properties, personal photos, legal documents, family moments, and more with confidence that the data will remain secure.

Opacity offers the option to share files publicly or privately, which is an innovative way to protect your files. This feature can be used for a variety purposes, including photos and videos, music, banking documents and legal documents. It also allows file sharing with coworkers and enterprise cold storage.

Opacity’s token, OPCT (Opacity Token), has been performing well in the market. With a 24-hour increase in 18.11%, it is currently ranked #1422 by CoinMarketCap. The target price for the company is $0.5288. There is potential for an additional 3810% rise, which would mean a potential increase of more than 39x.