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Verasity: The Next Generation of Video-Sharing Aimed at Fair Earnings for Creators and Advertisers

Verasity (VRA), a next-generation video-sharing platform, was founded in May 2018. It aims to provide a fair and equitable system for creators to make money from their work, and for advertisers to get value for their advertising spend. Verasity employs its proof of value (PoV) protocol and product layers to achieve this goal. is a progaming streaming platform that hosts esports tournaments, such as PUBG mobile. Verasity controls the platform, which combines all Verasity products.

VRA is rewarded to users who subscribe, watch and win on the platform. Verasity claims that has the most important use case. As they move closer to becoming the top 300 crypto projects, Verasity has seen an increase in users.

Verasity, which has commercial goals for @Vera_views in 2023, plans to launch the VeraCard during Q1 2019. The company will also launch a payment app to encourage VRA adoption. Verasity’s social activity has also been on the rise with 29 million people following a VRA-related Twitter tweet each month. The price of VRA has also been rising. Verasity’s stock price increased 54.75% within the last 24 hours. also contains a brand new roadmap.