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Binance announces delisting of Beam on January 26, 2023

Binance, one among the top cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, has announced that it will delist Beam on January 26, 2023. After thorough analysis of the project’s performance and current market conditions, this decision has been made. In the last 24hrs, Beam was down 25.21%

Beam is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency. It uses the Mimblewimble Protocol to provide enhanced privacy features and scalability. The project is unique in its features but has not received the same level of adoption or usage as Binance requires to be listed on the platform.

Binance has indicated that it will continue to work with the Beam Team to ensure a smooth and seamless delisting process. All trading for Beam will stop at 2021/01/26 10:00 (UTC). All open orders will be cancelled. Beam token owners are advised not to cancel open orders or withdraw them before the delisting deadline.

This delisting is not a negative reflection on the Beam technology or project. Binance reviews all listed projects regularly and removes those that don’t meet its standards. Binance users are able to access the most promising and innovative projects in the cryptocurrency market.

Binance will monitor the progress of Beam’s project and may reconsider its decision not to delist. The project’s latest developments and information about the cryptocurrency market are important to users.

Binance will be delisting Beam on January 26, 2023. After thorough research, this decision was taken.

Review of the project’s performance, market conditions. Binance will collaborate closely with the Beam Team to ensure a smooth transition.