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Binance Makes Surprise Move in DeFi: Unstakes $100 Million of $SHIB from ShibaSwap, Restakes $30 Million Two Minutes Later

Binance took $100 million in $SHIB from ShibaSwap on the morning of January 10, 2023.
It was an unexpected move as it represented one of the largest single unstaking transaction on the platform in recent weeks.

Binance then made another move, restaking 4T$SHIB worth more than $30 million back into ShibaSwap. Binance also redeemed 8.6T $SHIB from ShibaSwap, putting it in the 0xf97 address.

Although the reason behind this unexpected and significant move is not yet known, it has generated speculation and discussion within the DeFi community. Some speculate that Binance is positioning itself to expand its DeFi presence, while others believe it may be an attempt to capitalize on the current market conditions.

Binance’s actions clearly have had an impact on the $SHIB marketplace. The token’s value has seen a notable uptick since the restaking. The community will be watching closely to see if Binance makes similar moves in the future as well as what this means for DeFi overall.

Binance’s actions highlight the importance of monitoring major players in DeFi, as they can have a significant effect on tokens value and market health. This action by Binance also highlights the potential of DeFi and the influence that big players such as Binance can have on it.

We can expect more big-scale moves from major players as the DeFi market continues to evolve and grow. Investors and traders need to be alert and keep informed in order make the best decisions for themselves and their portfolios.