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Polkadot Ecosystem Thrives in 2022 with Diverse Range of Projects and Major Adoption Milestones

The Polkadot In 2022, the community was busy building and launching the largest and best-known ecosystem of layer-1 Blockchains in the world. With over 300 applications in use, and 550 projects under development, the ecosystem boasts a wide range of unstoppable applications. Polkadot’s diverse portfolio of projects includes everything from supply chain, identity and gaming to tokenized real-world assets, carbon credit, privacy, robotics and the Internet of Things.

The 2022 adoption milestones include Astar, a smart contract parachain, partnering with NTT Docomo for a $4 billion investment to encourage Web3 adoption and Square Enix partnering with Efinity on Polkadot powered NFTs for Final Fantasy. Centrifuge is a parachain that brings real-world assets to on-chain DeFi. Coinbase has invested $220 million to help fund its efforts.

These partnerships were not the only ones that the Polkadot ecosystem saw. The deployment of Project Liberty’s DSNP, or Decentralized Social Networking Protocol, and the launch Public Pressure, a music NFT market, also took place within the first few days. The adoption of the decentralized identity parachain KILT is also gaining significant traction across many industries, including healthcare and renewable energy.

2022 saw the launch of Polkadot’s mainnet, deployment of the first runtime module, and release of the Substrate Developer Center. All of these events helped to propel the ecosystem forward. As we approach 2023, the Polkadot Community will no doubt continue pushing the limits of blockchain technology and driving adoption of Web3 solutions.