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DeGods and Y00ts, Major Solana NFT Projects, Announce Plans to Move to Ethereum and Polygon

Two non-fungible token (NFT), projects DeGods & Y00ts based on the Solana Blockchain have made it clear that they plan to switch to other blockchain platforms. Twitter claims that DeGods will be linking to Ethereum in the first quarter (2023), while Y00ts, in the same period, will move to Polygon.

Two of the most popular Solana NFT collections traded on the OpenSea market are Y00ts and DeGods. Rohun Vora, also known in the cryptocurrency community as Frank DeGods, founded both of these projects. DeGods’ and Y00ts’ floor prices are listed at 790 SOL (approximately $8,000.00) and 215 SOL (approximately $8.900).

It is important that the transfer to other blockchain platforms still hasn’t taken place, and that details of the bridge have yet not been revealed. Projects have said that they want to make sure that the move is secure and that more information will be released once it is tested.

Notable is also the fact that Solana’s cryptocurrency (SOL), has seen a substantial decrease in value in recent months. It fell from $36 in November to $11.29 on Tuesday in Hong Kong. This decline can be attributed in part to the “fallout” of the FTX collapse. But, success or failure in a particular cryptocurrency shouldn’t be taken as an indication of the entire blockchain industry.